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The restaurant "Tygyn Darkhan" is glad to greet You and offer a choice of dishes of national Yakut, Russian and European cuisine. We can dine with the whole family, a romantic date, celebrate an anniversary, to celebrate a wedding, to spend a corporate party, to organize banquets and coffee breaks. The highlight of the restaurant - a modern interpretation of the national dishes - the revival of old recipes Yakut dishes, adapted to modern technologies, as well as high-quality natural local products: Lena white fish-white salmon, whitefish, Cisco, sturgeon, as well as the famous Yakut meat and venison, sweet local berries. The restaurant is the only place where government receptions. Here are not ashamed to take any visitor, aided by the delicacy of the situation, high-quality preparation and presentation of meals, signature dishes and linen. The kitchen of the restaurant "Tygyn Darkhan" is the Yakut national cuisine and traditional dishes of Russian, Ukrainian and Asian cuisines. Order dishes of Yakut national dishes are mostly prepared from young horse and beef. Meat is recognized by world gourmet meat diet, as in taste and nutritional properties, it is very juicy, soft and quickly prepared, well-digested, improves immune defenses of the human body. Since ancient times, our ancestors of the Yakuts ate such meat, it even served raw like steak, "tansyk". The second feature of our restaurant is fish dishes from white salmon, whitefish, sturgeon, famous Lena Cisco, kobyayskiy carp. The famous steak of white salmon, sturgeon, broad whitefish, omul, young horse, various kinds of salamaat - cereal cream, butter, flour, blood sausage, dumplings "Darkhan",kerteh - downed natural cream with Nordic berry - tundra blueberries, cranberries, mulberries, dried fish-yukola, falahati, haha, ojogos, Yakut cake, cakes-sandaly. Chef - Torbahov innocent Antonov, engineer, Master chef of Russia, Honored worker of trade of the Russian Federation, Honored worker of national economy of Yakutia, the Keeper of the secrets of national cuisine. It rests on the fame and skill of the team.