Additional services

Visa support

You can get a visa invitation for the Russian visa and receive a confirmation immediately

Hotel facilities

Sauna, swimming pool For relaxation and regeneration we offer the Wellness complex, where guests can relax after a long flight or relax before a business meeting. Cosy Finnish sauna with a swimming pool will help to relieve stress and to feel extraordinary lightness and vivacity. In the sauna, have a massage chair, TV, fridge, cooler, scale. Are provided: sheets, towels, bathrobes, Slippers, shampoo, soap, gel, sponge for body, cap. Rest room with a kettle, tea pairs (cups, saucers), tea. You can also make a reservation in the restaurant "Tygyn Darkhan". The pool is heated. Dimensions – 12.5 x 6.5 m2. Depth is 1.65 m.; Price: 2 000 RUB/hour up to 4 people. For each subsequent visitor fee of 500 RUB/hour.
Gym To keep fit, we offer you to use the gym. Hall is equipped with modern equipment and sports equipment. Cost: 250 rubles/hour. Membership: 3 000 rubles/month

Room amenities

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